Regular Style Boxes

These styles are collectively the most commonly used boxes, which cover most packaging requirements. They can be manufactured with minimal lead-time and do not typically require tooling to produce.

Examples of these boxes are Regular Slotted Carton (RSC), Half Slotted Carton (HSC), Creased and Slotted Tray (CST), Corner Cut Folder (CCF) and Full Flap Five Panel Folder (FF5PF).

Self-Locking Boxes, Die-Cut Cartons & Inserts

These designs are ideal for presenting the product being packaged, as well as protecting it in transport. They have been developed to avoid the requirement for mechanical fixings, such as tape and glue.

Cardboard inserts allows us to provide a method to further protect your product by keeping it stable within the box or carton.

We can design an insert that supports your product, as well as provide cushion against any impact.
The range of possibilities with these designs are almost endless.

Printed Boxes & Cartons

We can produce standard Flexo-Print with up to 4 colours through to High Quality Print with a range of different finishes including U.V Gloss Varnish and Cellosheen.

The Flexo-Print option is suitable for printing directly onto a box with details, such as your company logo, address details, barcodes and storage information.

High Quality Print is ideal when you want to achieve photo quality images and high definition print on your display cartons and point-of-sale packaging.

heavy duty boxes

Heavy Duty Pallet Boxes, Octagonal Bins & Cardboard Pallets

These boxes are designed for heavy and/or large products that require outer packaging, whilst being shipped on a pallet. We can produce them as a square box or as an octagonal, which will increase the packs stacking and burst strength.

We can also supply with your pack a pallet which is entirely made from corrugated cardboard. They are light in weight, yet can hold more than 1 tonne of weight, and if necessary easy to dispose of as they are 100% recyclable.